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Peace Promise seeks to impact the hyper-sexualized culture with messages of healthy sexuality and by humanizing the people exploited through pornography, stripping and prostitution.  We speak in schools,  at college campuses, at churches, and to community groups.

We bring stories of real people to those we educate to help them see the whole person and not just objectified bodies. 

We believe everyone has a role in shifting the current culture.


“It’s easy and I owe it to him.”  Those were the words she spoke even though her face and her tears said something different.

Ruby was only 20.  She was “dating” a guy 10 years older and supporting him by making “out calls.”  When she came home, she handed him the money and he gave her the fix she wanted.  If she needed anything, she would need to set up another date and bring home more money.  She “owed” him because he helped her get away from her abusive father, and he could no make enough money to support their heroin habits, but she could.  In fact, he told her he could not work at all, she would need to support them.  All she had to do was go on a call for an hour at a time. 

She started working at a club to get a new set of customers because she and her boyfriend always needed more money to support their habits.

One night she met our team and she shared her story.  She also shared that though she thought of leaving it could never happen.  There was no way he would allow that.  He was in control.  We encouraged her that she could love.  We shared that Jesus loved her and he situation she is in

Then she was gone.  We had no access to her and no way to know where she was or if she was even alive.  All we could do was pray.

Over a year later, one of our team members saw a comment on someone’s post and it was her!  Not only was she alive, she was safe and she was encouraging another girl to leave her situation and to find a good church.

Ruby’s Story is a reminder of the many women out there that we only get a moment with but whose lives are impacted by the simple message that they are loved and valued.

Peace Promise is a 501(c)(3) Organization

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