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Recovering hope and Strengthing lives in the Central Pennsylvania Region


What is a Hope Giver?

As you know, each person has unique needs and circumstances and we have the opportunity to share not only the unending love of Jesus with them, but the promise, the HOPE of new life that comes from knowing Him and being equipped through the Body of Christ.

A Hope Giver is an individual who helps support this mission by committing to a monthly financial donation.

Healing - Healing level is a monthly commitment of $25.00 and ensures that the women we meet with have access to the support they need to begin to heal from the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain that has entrapped them in the commercial sex industry.

Opportunity - Opportunity makers commitment to a monthly giving of $50.00 that provides access to life skills, training, coaching, and support services to learn to believe in themselves and gain the skills needed to take steps to transition out of the commercial sex industry.

Peace - Peace givers ensure that though the storms may come, the women we work with will have access to the services and support they need to find peace and rest in the storm with new skills and supporters. Peace givers fill in the practical gaps, like emergency car repairs or an unexpectedly high utility bill to ensure that women do not feel the need to go into survival mode which typically means re-entering the commercial sex industry. Peace givers commit to a monthly giving of $100.00.

Empowerment - Empowerment supporters help to offset the costs of long-term support that empowers women to walk into their God-ordained futures. With a monthly commitment of $250.00, your support provides for education support, transitional housing support, legal support, and ongoing care as they embrace new lives.


"You are full of beauty, dignity, & worth."

We found these words written on an index card and stuck on a dressing room mirror in a “Gentlemen’s” Club.  The card was placed there by one of the dancers as a reminder before she would go out to perform.  They contain a message of deep truth – one that every woman caught up in commercial sexual exploitation desperately needs to hear and believe.

And yet as words on paper, they’re powerless to speak above the reality in which beauty is only considered skin deep, where dignity is literally stripped from her, and where value and worth are determined only by her ability to bring pleasure and excitement to her customers.

This is why Peace Promise exists.  When you partner with us with your monthly donation, you are helping to bring that message of beauty, dignity and worth to these women in human form. Through your generosity, you are helping to bring an encounter with love into places that are permeated by lust and exploitation. With your donation, freedom and restoration are possible for these women.  Please partner with us as we bring hands, heart, feet, and voice to become a living message of beauty, dignity, & worth to these women.

Thank you for your donation!

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