Let's talk

"Let's Talk" is a parent information evening that helps parents better understand the impact of pornography on tween and teen brains, developing sexuality, and spiritual lives. We will discuss technology safety, pornography, adolescent development, and strategies for talking with your kids, tweens, and teens about porn and sexuality.

Many years ago in a high school youth meeting, Dr. Barnes was stunned when every hand in the room was raised in response to a speaker who asked how many of the boys had been exposed to porn, or were using, abusing, or addicted to it. Every hand in the room was raised. These were high school boys, many of whom had been raised in the church and came from great homes. As a local pediatrician, Dr. Barnes already knew that exposure was a growing problem. The technology of today puts porn at the fingertips of nearly every child in America; both boys and girls are exposed and using. The average age of first exposure is 10.5 years old and there is virtually no statistical difference between churched and unchurched kids/teens/adults when it comes to porn. There are serious ramifications that come with porn addiction. It's not just unseemly or morally wrong; it rewires the pliable, developing brains of children that view it often.

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