Sad and lonely girl crying with a hand covering her face (with space for text)


Life skills are a significant part of what we do. We address practical needs first and foremost, followed by employment support, transportation, counseling, legal services, and daily life skills education. We provide opportunities necessary for the women to have long-term success in regards to their financial, personal and spiritual life. 

We do life with the women we serve.


We met the first night we visited the club where she worked.  She was vibrant and outgoing, but something was different.  Curious what we were about, she came over and chatted.  The conversation ended with “Well, you will not see me for long.  I am on the 6 month plan.  Once I get my loans paid off I am done.”

She was a former Marine, discharged due to a medical issue.  She wanted nothing more than to change her circumstances, to change the direction of her life.  She came from a broken home and had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather.  Her biological father had passed away several years before.  She joined the Marines to escape her reality and now found herself right back where she started but now she was even more emotionally beaten down.

On our 2 year anniversary of visiting that club she looked at us and said “It can’t be 2 years, I was on the 6 month plan.”

Within a couple weeks we had helped her find a job outside of the club and though she did not stay there long, it was a jump start to her confidence.  This past Christmas we walked into her new place of employment with a Christmas present to remind her she is loved and we were greeted with her jumping into our arms.  She now has a relationship with Jesus and has confidence that she is priceless.


She spent years in church, she was even serving in her local church and going on missions’ trips.  She didn’t know why everything changed, but the pain got too intense.  She self-destructed and did not believe anyone could love what she became.  The secrets she had carried came to the surface.  Adopted, she never felt like she fit in; picked on as a child for looking different, she believed she was broken; raped, she believed that her body was her only value and it was not hers to control.

She hurt herself before others could hurt her.  She closed doors on relationships when anyone got too close. She covered her thin and unhealthy body in scars.  When that did not make the pain go away, she tried to take her own life.

The only thing that made her feel like she had control was being on that stage.  No one could see the scars under the dim lights; no one could see her pain.  She could be someone else, even if only for a short time.

One day everything seemed different.  She took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  She did not know what else to do so she sent a message to the church ladies.  She scheduled an abortion, twice.  The Peace Promise team prayed, they offered love, they offered support.  She saw her baby’s image on an ultrasound with one of our volunteers standing beside.  The next day she posted, “I don’t know what the future looks like, but abortion is not for me.”

It has not been easy.  She is making significantly  less money; her body has changed; she has suffered extreme depression.  But in all of this she has made a choice, not only for life for her child, but for life for herself.

Peace Promise is a 501(c)(3) Organization

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