Kinship Care: Defining a Way of Caring

Kinship care defines a way of caring for others that includes them as a member of a family.  Emotional, social, cultural, psychological, physical, and sexual wounding cause the dysfunctional behaviors we see in sex-trafficking and prostitution.  All the wounds of sexual exploitation are caused by people harming other people.  In kinship care, the opposite occurs. …

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Why Bystanders Matter

The Bystander Effect

WHY BYSTANDERS MATTER Most of us have heard of the BYSTANDER EFFECT.  It’s a sociological phenomenon that results in people tuning out and freezing when they are the most available and able to help someone in trouble.  We’ve all seen the news clips of a physical altercation happening while people stand by and observe, or…

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The Power of Volunteering


Science, sociology, religion, humanities and many other philosophies and areas of study understand the power of serving others.  Deep in the soul of every human being is a need for belonging, connection, community and the give-and-take of helping others and being helped.  Volunteering and serving others directly exerts pressure on the tendency we all have…

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