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Trafficking victims in Central PA need your help.

In the summer of 2022 Peace Promise began the process of acquiring a building to create space for personnel to offer economic empowerment. Simply put: we can't do it alone. We are seeking
partners who are willing to walk with us and claim freedom for these women by offering
employment opportunities.
Click the links above to learn more about this important initiative and ways that you can partner with us.

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Contributions are needed for:

Industry startup

Building costs

Personnel costs

Employment training

Rehabilitation costs

Economic Support

Trauma resources and support

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"Human sex trafficking survivors are in great need of not just jobs, but those who will see, affirm and maximize their skills, knowledge, capacities, and potential, and channel them into an employment opportunity, a future career or profession — and ultimately a place of purpose and dignity.

"How can communities respond to the tangible needs of trafficking survivors? Provide places of employment... you will change a life. You will remove one of the greatest barriers of the restoration process."

- Heather Evans, Licenced Clinical Social Worker and co-founder of Valley Against Sex Trafficking Coalition

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